INDTECH2018: Innovative Industries for Smart Growth

This conference will host a plenary session with great political impact on industrial landscape, as well as parallel sessions which will focus on technologies for sustainable growth, innovative industry for citizens, and ecosystems and framing conditions. An exhibition will be held at the same time, which will showcase new industrial applications for research on Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing; SPIRE plans to have a booth at this exhibition.

In addition, A.SPIRE is co-organising “A New Vision for Industrial Partnership” workshop on 29 October together with two other cPPPs: Factories of the Future and Energy Efficient Buildings.

INDTECH2018 is a great opportunity for you to network and meet experts from industry, research and public authorities from across Europe.

To learn more about the sessions at this event, we invite you to have a look at the conference programme here. You can also have a look at the thematic workshops here.

Registration is now open and free of charge. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Monday, 29 October, 2018 to Wednesday, 31 October, 2018
Vienna, Austria