Sustainable Cooling for Europe (World Café)

Electricity has driven the digital era, and heat has been essential to prepare food, to warm us in winter and to run and develop our industries. But all these processes that our modern societies and economies are built on also owe a lot to another decisive service: cooling.

Without cooling food and medical equipment would not be preserved. Without cooling the climate in our offices, homes and vehicles would often be unbearable. Without cooling many materials would not be as strong or flexible to serve our needs. Without cooling our data centres and servers would not process our endless information chains...

Cooling is indispensable in our modern society and economy – and of course we want it to be clean and sustainable. Therefore, the coolingEU stakeholders invite you to join us for our World Café at EUSEW to discuss what role cooling plays for all of us in the various sectors and how to move forward.

Wednesday, 6 June, 2018
Fundacion Galicia Europa (second floor), 38 Rue de la Loi, 1000 Bruxelles