Symposium on Innovation in Textile Recycling: towards a more sustainable use of textile materials

The goal of fostering a more sustainable use of textiles can be assisted by a combination of technologies, especially those that foster fibre reprocessing, and reclaim fibres from a variety of waste streams. By implementing smarter, more sustainable processes to handle textiles, over and above the usual reuse of clothing, these elements can be diverted from landfill and converted into useful materials, in line with the principles of the circular economy. Innovation can therefore play an important role in supporting the textile industry, especially in respect of identifying new ways to recycle textile materials and opening new business opportunities.

But even though innovation in the field of textile recycling can significantly assist the efforts from the industry to become more sustainable, there is a paucity of events devoted to the discussion of the role played by innovation in support of trade.

It is against this background that the “Symposium on Innovation in Textile Recycling: towards a more sustainable use of textile materials” is being organised by Manchester Metropolitan University, in cooperation with a number of institutions active in this field. It will involve researchers in the field of sustainable textile, as well as businesses and representatives from the textile industry.

The Symposium will focus on the means to implement innovation towards a more sustainable use of textile materials, and will contribute to the further development of this central topic.


Thursday, 12 April, 2018
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK