A.SPIRE FP9 viewpoint paper: towards the next Framework Programme

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A.SPIRE, the European Association committed to manage and implement the Sustainable Process Industry Public-Private Partnership, publishes its viewpoint paper on FP9.

The eight sectors of the European process industry (cement, ceramics, chemicals, engineering, minerals, non-ferrous metals, steel and water) within the SPIRE Association (A.SPIRE) highlight the key considerations that the European Commission should take into account to keep these vital sectors engaged with the forthcoming ninth research framework programme (FP9). This is essential to ensure impact and delivery for sustainability, growth and jobs in Europe. Four messages are proposed to empower the next generation of process industries in a modern economy:

  1. Europe’s excellence in Research and Innovation for the benefit of society needs to secure the participation of large companies, SMEs, start-ups and academia in FP9.
  2. SPIRE aims to empower the next generation of process industries in a modern economy: fully embracing digitization, the circular economy and low carbon-economy. SPIRE intends to be a long-term initiative securing sustainable innovations and competitiveness across-sectors to respond to the challenges in society and bringing innovations to all EU regions.
  3. Public Private Partnerships, such as SPIRE, play a key role in the innovation ecosystem in Europe. They support open innovation through collaborative projects along the value chain and between regions. They team-up innovators and investment to bring innovations to the market and society faster.
  4. The breakthrough innovations developed by SPIRE projects on Energy and Resource Efficiency are setting the basis to move towards the ‘next generation’ of European process industry. SPIRE-Horizon 2020 projects are showing their capacity to generate a strong and visible environmental, economic and societal impact.

Read the A.SPIRE FP9 viewpoint paper: towards FP9!