The CONSENS project

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CONSENS is funded by Horizon 2020, the European Research and Innovation Programme, under the SPIRE public-private partnership and is lead by Bayer Technology Services and driven by major European chemical companies such as Arkema, BASF, Clariant, Coatex, Procter& Gamble and Solvay.

The goal of the CONSENS project is to advance the continuous production of high-value products that meet high quality demands in flexible intensified continuous plants by introducing novel online sensing equipment and closed-loop control of the key product parameters. CONSENS focuses on flexible continuous plants, but the results in the areas of sensing, control, and performance monitoring will be transferable to large-scale processes. CONSENS will develop novel sensing technology for composition, rheological properties, and the formation of fouling layers as well as self-adapting control schemes to cope with variations of input materials, degradation of equipment and changing product specifications. The novel technologies will be developed for and implemented in 3 case studies from the areas of organic synthesis, polymer production and consumer products. 

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