DISIRE’s approach to innovation and exploitation: Interactive Innovation Toolkit was launched at the 2nd consortium meeting in September 2015

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An online-based Interactive Innovation Toolkit (IIT) was designed to provide guidance and support to various interdisciplinary stakeholder groups within the DISIRE project. It aims to unlock the innovation potential of the DISIRE technological platform and to reinforce its impact. The motivation behind the IIT is to foster collaboration between the partners, enabling them to bridge the gap between project ideas and concepts and real business cases in the cross-sectorial context. The easily accessible, efficient and interactive framework of innovation tools and techniques supports DISIRE partners in their innovation and exploitation activities and helps them to think beyond standardized product development algorithms.

The IIT is structured around the core innovation process and features three individual toolboxes:

  • Dynamic Toolbox focuses on a few selected multi-step tools such as Design Thinking and Innovation Flowchart, which reflect the logic of the innovation process phase by phase.
  • Mix & Match Toolbox facilitates a customized design of the innovation process and contains a set of tools for each if its phases from the generation of new ideas to the product development and the research commercialization.
  • Supporting Toolbox includes tools for transferring knowledge to project partners, the identification of key stakeholders outside the consortium, risk management and the assessment of project results.

The IIT was introduced to the DISIRE partners at the 2nd Consortium Meeting held in Tarragona, Spain, on September 8th – 9th, 2015. Demonstrating three selected tools from the IIT, i.e., the Ways-to-Grow-Framework, the People & Connections Map and the Business Model Canvas, the experts of the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy organized an Innovation and Exploitation Workshop on the second day of the consortium meeting. During the interactive workshop session, the three tools helped consortium partners to define an environmental framework for their business model and to identify the value proposition of the DISIRE technological platform. The possibility to structure the internal communication of the consortium as well as to collect and analyse large amounts of information within a short period of time has been recognised as main advantages of the IIT.

All tools in the IIT were identified and preselected among hundreds of methodologies based on their relevance and applicability to the scientific research focus and the DISIRE project's work plan. The DISIRE Innovation Management Office aims to expand the IIT and continuously add new elements. With help of the innovation experts, new customized tools and methods will be developed in the future, including application plans for individual project partners as well as individual questionnaires for the generation of the business cases will be added to complement the overall innovation approach of the DISIRE project.


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