Hubs for Circularity – Process Industries, Regions and Cities Deploying Circular Economy at Scale

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The week of European regions and cities is soon approaching, and SPIRE will be hosting together with Climate KIC and EIT Raw Materials a side session on '' on Wednesday 9 October at EIT House, Rue Guimard 7, 1040 Brussels.

This session will present SPIRE’s Hubs for Circularity (H4C) to a broader audience that includes representatives of regional authorities, clusters and regional initiatives. Through a set of guided questions we will facilitate a discussion about the concept and modelling of H4C, the scope and common characteristics for existing and new hubs, conditions for implementation, co-investment framework that needs to be put in place, impact monitoring and success criteria. Synergies between the H4C model and the EIT KICs activity will be explored in terms of the existing portfolio of action and further opportunities.

We invite you to have a look at the agenda here

Registration to the side event can be done here.

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