Hubs4Circularity Workshop: discover the IU-S sites to strengthen cooperation towards transition to circularity

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The first Hubs4Circularity workshop has taken place last week: what an exciting experience for A.SPIRE Team to host a vibrant, open and inclusive community with a common strategic vision. 

In the first day of the Hubs4Circularity workshop, ten industrial representatives from 7 out of 10 A.SPIRE sectors have animated the discuss on  the concept of Hubs4Circularity against real industrial constraints and see to what extent such limitations differ among sectors, as well as brainstorm on ways to overcome crucial barriers to Hubs4Circularity uptake. Materials loops along all supply-chain and alternative feedstocks for process industries: industrial symbiosis it’s not only recycling but upcycling. 

The common feeling emerging from the second day of workshop, with more than 170 participants, has been that companies feel the urge to speed up and be the first mover. The Hubs are the right environment for innovation to succeed and for knowledge and experience to be shared. 

To promote a real transition in a very resource intensive system like process industries, that has high ambitions and goals for 2050, facilitation is crucial. Impact assessment, feasibility, resource management have to be re-thinked and this transition will happen in a quicker and easier way if synergies like H4C are put in place. 

Great value has been added to the workshop from the participation of Jurgen Tiedje from the European Commission and from the coordinator INCUBIS, that shared insights from their success stories to reinforce the potential for industrial parks in adopting symbiotic solutions 

The parks manager intervening from SINTEF , Green Industry Clusters from InnovasjonNorge, Eurecat, PortofAntwerp, Smart Delta Resources, Brightlands Chemelot Campus and Kalundborg Symbiosis shared lessons learnt and challenges to be solved, and also their most urgent needs to reach the next steps along the Industrial-urban Symbiosis path. The European Community of practice aims to the need of sharing tools and knowledge in a global, but also local perspective, to provide training and contacts to create trust in potential partners as well as to leverage investment support from public and private side. Let’s integrate Industrial Symbiosis approach in the organization’s culture to take advantage from the momentum. 

We can’t wait for the upcoming steps of the Hubs4Circularity with you.  

If you want to know more, contact Programme Manager Marta Domper