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Our new Processes4Planet Partnership Guidance document – Transforming the European Process Industry for a sustainable society has been published in the European Commission website. 

The aim of European partnerships is to address the global challenges and develop our current industry. To meet these new challenges, SPIRE is transforming to become a new candidate for industry under Horizon Europe. 

Building on the success and collaborative actions of SPIRE, Processes4Planet will be the unique cross-sectorial research and innovation partnership required to develop and deploy the innovations needed for a profound transformation of the European process industries to achieve overall climate neutrality at EU level by 2050 -  while also enhancing Europe’s global competitiveness.  

The partnership aims at circularity and an extensive decarbonisation of European process industries, with a strong focus on competitiveness. Within a cross-sectorial approach, it will develop and deploy the innovations needed for a profound transformation of process industries, e.g., cement, chemical, steel, to achieve the EU Green Deal targets by 2050. 

Due to their resource and energy-intensive nature, the activities of the partnership will play a crucial role. Process industries will be frontrunners in the transition to carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050, by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels while increasing the use of renewable energy sources. 

With the ultimate goal of zero landfilling and water discharge, circular models will be implemented across industrial sectors, value chains and with regions and cities. 

(Source: EC Website)