Seminar - Funding Energy Efficiency Projects

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Date: 17 September 2015
Venue: CEN-CENELEC Management Centre, Avenue Marnix 17, 1000 Brussels
Registration: free of charge but registration is required. To register please send an e-mail with your name, surname, organization and contact details.

Are you ready for the 'market' adoption of the Energy Efficiency Directive?

Key milestone is 5 December 2015. On this date several ten thousands energy audits will be filed as a first step to energy efficiency improvements in the building, tertiary, industrial and transportation sectors. About 100 days away from the target date, we need to move forward to create a common work platform to address the most imminent challenges that must be overcome to implement the energy efficiency measures that will be identified.

Although  several interesting and challenging sources of energy savings may be identified from these  audits, the investment necessary  for implementing the suggested action plans is still a major issue. Indeed, several actions could have a very short return on investment (ROI) time, others – with major energy savings potentials – have longer ROIs. In that case, it is very difficult to motivate investors, even for investment that will be very profitable in long term and during a long operational period. The challenge is the same for many renewables related projects, including CHP and District heating.

Objective of the Seminar

Share knowledge and create the framework that would support investments, ranking risk assessment, managing risk perception and increase investor confidence. The desired result is the creation of a transparent, healthy and  sustainable energy efficiency market.

How to succeed: participants can share common challenges and needs, then design a framework of measures and tools (such as appropriate Life Cycle Cost Analysis-LCCA-) to improve investment capacities and business platforms, that can make a real difference in meeting the EU energy ambitions.

Together we will identify the approaches that work best, and could be replicated throughout Europe. In this context, we will welcome industry, SMEs and local authorities, financial institutions and professionals from energy audits and LCA/LCCA, and build on specific examples and best practices that have been developed.

The following questions will be addressed to stakeholders, policy makers and financial institutions:

  • What additional tools and information are needed to reduce energy efficiency project uncertainty, manage risks and support investments?
  • How to get financial institutions on board to finance energy efficiency?
  • How to increase awareness, diffuse knowledge and empower energy users with decision support tools?
  • How to brand energy efficiency and renewables?


The first part of the seminar will give an overview of the Energy Union with its main action plans, the investment related challenges, existing initiatives from investment actors (such as Green Bonds) and the standardization tools.

The seminar will continue with a panel discussion. That will focus on expectations from industry and investment institutions and on additional needs for standards and/or tools to help and reassure financial institutions and decision makers to invest.

The seminar will end with a list of priority topics and actions to meet stakeholders and investors needs in order to boost/motivate investment in energy efficiency related projects.

For whom

The CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum 'Energy Management' (SFEM) seminar 2015 intends to gather

  • technology providers,
  • consumers
  • financial institutions
  • policy makers
  • industry and SMEs 
  • public authorities