SPIRE - 2016 facts and figures

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cPPPs (Contractual Public Private Partnerships) have the obligation to fulfil the annual Progress Monitoring Report. This report provides decision makers with an overview of the activities of the cPPP, its outcomes and the supporting evidence. This puts a strong emphasis on the strategic dimension of the cPPP and its achievements (i.e. impact on increased competitiveness of the EU industry, creation of jobs, increased focus on activities of high added value). 

A.SPIRE prepared a summary focused on business, environmental and socioeconomic impact.

In 2016, the SPIRE PPP has witnessed:

  • The end of 3 projects (CSA’s from SPIRE-04-2014)
  • The mid-term milestone (average of 69% of their activity by the end of 2016) of the unfinished projects related to 2014 calls (15)
  • The consolidation (average of 45% of their activity by the end of 2016) of projects related to 2015 calls (18).
  • The actual start of projects related to 2016 calls (18)

The 2016 calls were in line with the priorities defined in the Multi-Annual Roadmap both in terms of themes as well as of time horizon. The targets anticipated in the publishable project synopsis are well in line with the main KPIs in the Multiannual Roadmap in terms of economic (including intellectual property generated and growth potential), environmental & social benefits.

The projects funded within the 2016 call include research and innovation covering several fields such as valorisation of waste heat, systematic approaches for resource-efficient water management systems, plant-wide monitoring and control of data-intensive processes, valorisation of bio-resources into high added value process streams, industrial furnace design, potential use of carbon dioxide / carbon monoxide and non-conventional fossil natural resources as feedstock for the process industry, and business models for flexible and delocalised approaches. In this framework, the SPIRE PPP projects have a clear KET / Multi-KET element and address areas of high policy interest such as COP21, Energy Union, Circular economy and Industrial Symbiosis....

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