SPIRE K4I Dinner Debate - SPIRE 2050: Unlocking the Climate Technology Gap

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On 28 November, SPIRE hosted a dinner debate in the European Parliament addressing ‘SPIRE 2050: Unlocking the Climate Technology Gap’, which further highlighted the main ambitions of the 2050 Vision of moving towards net-zero CO2 emissions and achieving a zero-landfilling scenario.

MEP Dan Nica hosted the event, launching the dinner debate and paving the way to discussions on the two topics: 1) ‘Hubs for Circularity’ from a public perspective, and 2) ‘Bridging the Climate Technological Gap’ from an industrial perspective. In Nica’s opening speech, he further emphasized EU Parliament conversations signaling their support for a higher budget in Horizon Europe (120 billion EUR), and the pivotal role industrial partnerships and R&I should play in the next framework programme.

Thanks to the guest speakers from key stakeholders of the Process Industry Carl De Maré (Vice President Technology Strategy, ArcelorMittal), Oonagh Mc Nerney (Director, IRIS), Erja Turunen (Executive Vice President, VTT), and Lia Voermans (Innovation Strategy Director, Brightlands), as well as the Chair of A.SPIRE, Daniel Gauthier, the evening was full of engaging discussions.

The EU institutions are currently looking into the technology gaps in all scenarios. As mentioned in the debate, the SPIRE 2050 Vision is one that sets high level of ambition and has the potential to serve as a catalyst in reaching the EU targets. The European Commission paper on a long-term strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, is a relevant step for industry to consider when co-defining the SPIRE 2050 Roadmap with A.SPIRE members and related stakeholders

Peter Dröll, Director of Industrial Technologies at DG RTD, concluded by quoting Immanuel Kant, “we create paths by walking”. The collaboration of key leading figures from the Process Industry (industry, SMEs, academia and RTOs) and the EU institutions is of high importance when reaching these objectives. Furthermore, it is essential to create the right conditions and paths to communicate a clear message on the added-value SPIRE projects have on the climate technology gap, the net-zero scenario and its importance in making the economy more competitive to deliver jobs, wealth and well-being to all EU citizens.

SPIRE 2050 Vision
SPIRE Dinner Debate Handouts

SPIRE 2050: Unlocking the Climate Technology Gap

Daniel Gauthier, Chair of A.SPIRE

Lia Voermans, Innovation Strategy Director at Brightlands