SPIRE Projects Delivering Results in Innovation and Sustainability

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Last year, Gr3n, was awarded the Overall Innovation Radar Prize for 2018. This is an exceptional achievement, as Gr3n was a direct outcome of the SPIRE project, Symbioptima, which aimed at delivering, through human mimetic-symbiosis (drawing inspiration from one of the most complex biological organism, namely the human body), a more resource-efficient production at network level for industrial clusters, reducing adverse environmental impacts.

The award is a recognition and acknowledgement of excellence as an innovator within Horizon 2020, and demonstrates how the framework programme and SPIRE is playing a key role in transforming technology and science into something tangible and of added value for society and its EU citizens.

Gr3n has even been tweeted and was personally congratulated by Carlos Moedas for its achievement in winning the award.

The Symbioptima project has been succeeded by another SPIRE project, Demeto, which aims at offering plastic producers and waste recyclers a more profitable way to treat plastic waste, enabling its chemical recycling and closing its life cycle.

We at A.SPIRE strongly believe we must continue our mission to successfully develop breakthrough and key enabling technologies, and share best practices along all stages of existing value chains to enable for a competitive, energy and resource efficient process industry in Europe.  Gr3n, Symbioptima and Demeto are prefect examples of where the SPIRE cPPP is successfully contributing to set the benchmark for collaboration in research and innovation.