SPIRE speaks at MANUFUTURE2013

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MANUFUTURE 2013 View on Horizon 2020: Sustainable Re-industrialisation of Europe’ organised by the European Technology Platform on Future Manufacturing (Manufuture) in Vilnius from 6 – 8 October saw a major presentation on the SPIRE Public-Private Parthernship.

In a plenary session on the morning of October 7 devoted to Horizon 2020 and roadmaps for manufacturing, Dr. Klaus Sommer, the President of A.SPIRE, presented the strategic SPIRE Roadmap and described what SPIRE will do in practice to create a world-leading, resource and energy efficient process industry for Europe.
Dr Sommer's speech can be watched below, along with the presentation.

A special focus of the conference was given to increasing the efficiency of EU regional and national RTD support tools through their mutual synergy and national / regional smart specialization.

The conference saw MANUFUTURE stakeholders from industry, academia and the public sector exchanging views on how to implement Horizon 2020 and related national programmes in a coherent and flexible manner. Horizon 2020 investments must translate into tangible wealth, growth and jobs. To achieve this requires better support of the entire innovation cycle, promoting better alignment with national and regional policies and funding programmes, and creating framework conditions for growth and jobs to help Europe stay globally competitive.

For more information on the conference, please visit the MANUFUTURE 2013 website.