SPIRE Workshop on Resource Efficiency Monitoring, Assessment and Optimization

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SPIRE Workshop on Resource Efficiency Monitoring, Assessment and Optimization took place on 27 January 2016 and was organized together with three on-going FP7 projects MORE, TOP-REF and REFFIBRE. The workshop addressed the topic of Monitoring, Assessing and Improving Resource-efficiency in the Value Chain of the Process Industries followed by an exchange on technical issues and new ideasthat are relevant to resource efficiency assessment and improvement in the process industries in Europe.

Presentations from the workshop:

More information about the projects:

MORE: Real Time Monitoring and Optimization of Resource Efficiency in Integrated Processing Plants  
The goal of MORE is to monitor resource efficiency during daily operations of large production plants and to influence the operational decisions such that the plant efficiency is optimized and the environmental footprint is constantly minimized.

TOP-REF: Innovative Tools, Methods and Indicators for Optimizing the Resource Efficiency in Process Industry  
TOP-REF aims to develop and validate specific indicators, methodologies and non-invasive tools devoted to the improvement of resource efficiency in energy intensive continuous industrial processes in the chemical and petrochemical and agro-chemical sectors.

REFFIBRE: Tools for Resource-Efficient Use of Recycled Fibre Materials  
REFFIBRE develops tools for the paper and board industry that can instantly provide the needed information regarding the impact of new production processes, raw material input and product innovations, as well as the influence on the recyclability of the end product.