STYLE Project - Final Recommendations

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The STYLE project has just reached completion. The project has produced its final Recommendations Roadmap for delivery of the ‘STYLE vision’:

By 2030, project teams in the EU process industries will routinely use sustainability evaluation tools to make better decisions when assessing process or product improvements.

The Roadmap is accompanied by an Ideal Toolkit Framework, providing a high-level view of features and functions required to meet the needs of a project team seeking to evaluate options for a resource or energy improvement in a process or product by pragmatically checking the broader sustainability implications of each technological solution, and by a series of ‘STYLE Insights’. These case-study style publications highlight issues and recommendations around using sustainability evaluation tools in industry project teams.

Interactive and downloadable versions of the Roadmap, Toolkit and Insights are now available through the website:

STYLE is now working with the SAMT and MEASURE projects to develop a harmonised roadmap to represent the recommendations of all three projects, so we welcome your comments and feedback which can be incorporated into this.

Please contact Amy Peace for further information: