Sustainable Plastics: Joining CCU,Circular Economy and Power-to-X for better Polymers

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Join the Sustainable Plastics Symposium in Aachen, Germany on April 27th 2020 to discuss about the story of circular polyurethane (PUR) plastics economy, where:

  • the CO2Exide PtX-CCU technology converts CO2 to ethylene and ethylene oxide,
  • the Carbon4PUR CCU technology converts CO2 to polyols, which together are processed to PUR, and
  • the PUReSmart technology recycles these PUR into a circular economy.

As introduction there will be a keynote by Søren Bøwadt, Deputy Head of DG RTD of the European Commission and a keynote by Prof. Walter Leitner about the potential of CO2 as a raw material besides with the presentation of the 3 projects mentioned above. In the session after lunch there will be 5 different round tables to discuss the potential barriers and important topics which must be addressed to ease the market entry of these technologies and CCU in general. And it will end up with a panel discussion with experts from industry, science and the European Commission.

 SPIRE-projects Carbon4PUR and CO2Exide, attendance to the event is free but registration is required.

Carbon4PUR has been chosen Project of the Month (Feb. 2020) by CORDIS.