European Aluminium- Innovation Hub: Mapping key R&D challenges along the aluminium value chain

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European Aluminium has recently established an Innovation Hub gathering 12 industrial companies as well as 2  expert groups dealing with building, automotive and transport sectors.

One of the top priorities of the Hub is to better connect the European Aluminium industry with the research community and the various EU funding instruments, in particular the Horizon 2020 programme.

The Innovation Hub has recently published a report presenting its objectives and activities as well as a mapping of the priority R&D topics along the aluminium valuechain from alumina production up to applications, including recycling. Such report aims at promoting coordinated research efforts with strategic partners from different industrial players, engaging with the SPIRE community and addressing innovation challenges along the entire value chain. Ultimately, the Innovation Hub should reinforce the position of aluminium as key sustainability enabler in buildings, transport and other applications.

The report can be downloaded at the following link:

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