SMEs readiness factors for adopting Advanced Manufacturing products and modernise their business

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Brussels 10 February 2015 - Business Centre, Diamant Building. Manufacturing  SMEs  in  Europe  and  beyond  are  under  increasing  pressure  today  for  adopting  advanced technologies and products in order to stay competitive and successfully participate in local and global supply chains.

This workshop will bring together stakeholders from different Member States to debate on the readiness  factors  of  SMEs,  as  well  as  the  barriers  and  implications  of  up  taking  advanced  manufacturing  technologies  and  products.  In  particular,  intermediary  support  organisations that  are  currently  providing  specific  services  to  manufacturing  SMEs  will  provide  information  about their experience and lessons learned in working closely with manufacturing SMEs across EU countries. Taking into account the expressed views and the key recommendations from this debate,  the  objective  will  be  to  draw  some  concrete  policy  actions  that  could  be  implemented  under COSME and H2020 in 2016-­‐2017, with a view to help Member States leverage their efforts in this area or to be inspired by it and launch similar support schemes in their country.  

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