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Brussels, 2nd of October 2014. University Foundation, rue d’Egmont / Egmontstraat 11 (Metro Trône)

This is the fourth event organized by ENERO (European Network of Environmental Research Organizations), in close collaboration with the European Commission.


These one-day conferences are devoted to research on Environment, Risks and Safety issues, in conjunction with new technologies. They provide insights with national research initiatives launched by well-known organizations, and incent discussions with the EC about possible common strategies:

  • 2006: "Risk management of nanoparticles" with DG Research, DG Enterprise & Industry, DG Sanco, JRC 
  • 2008: "Interactions between Atmospheric Pollution and Climate Change at Regional Scale" with the European Parliament, the Committee of the Regions, DG Research, DG Environment, DG Enterprise & Industry, JRC 
  • 2010: "Risk Assessment and Management of Strategic Energy Technologies" with DG RTD-Directorates Energy, Industrial Technologies, and ERA. 
  • 2012:" Boosting and securing eco-innovations through new partnerships" with DG Environment, DG Research, EACI, KEMIRA, VNCI, ANRT, SPIRE and  BusinessEurope.

ENERO 's Members are non-academic Research & Technology Organizations coming from all over Europe, which are :

  • Leading research activities or technology developments in support to Policies
  • Providing their expertise to support both competitiveness and sustainable development of the European industry

 Environmental science and technology is the main core business of each ENERO member.

 The ENERO Network is achieving these objectives by: 

  • Coordinating R&D programs and developing common projects, based on the “Networking “effect of the association
  • Developing collaborations with New Member States and  Southern Europe research organizations
  • Exchanging scientific personnel. Furthermore an ENERO Fellowship is dedicated to incent young scientists to visit other members for a stay in their laboratories
  • Organizing Open Workshop in Brussels in close collaboration with the European Commission.

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