Digital Innovation information-exchange workshop

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The European Commission delivered its Strategy to create a Digital Single Market. Europe in its way to digitisation, has many industrial organisations that support overlapping activities that might benefit from cross-fertilisation. As for example, technology oriented associations might profit from contacts with application oriented associations. Such contacts could help to better understand the goals and work domains of each other. Next to this, the abundance of organisations sometimes confuse companies, especially SME’s, which have difficulties to find out the best partners for their R&D&I work.

For this reason the ARTEMIS Industry Association took the initiative to facilitate a first information exchange between the organisations related to digital innovation on 10 June 2016. The event is set to:

  • derive a clearer picture of the current R&D&I landscape and identify the main activities in technology and application fields, as well as the current and future priorities and strategies of the players involved
  • foster information exchange, find similarities and complementarities, identify supply and demand within the group (and identify collaboration opportunities)
  • stimulate cross-fertilisation and collaboration and discuss possible steps towards establishing a mutual exchange of perspectives and information

Please note that this workshops is by invitation only. If you are a representative of Industrial Organizations (Industry Association, Alliance, ETP, PPP monitor group, Eureka cluster/programme, or other organization) active in international coordination/cooperation on R&D&I in Europe, or closely related to the field of digital innovation, please contact Jan Lohstroh (