Case Studies

SteamBio Case Study


“SteamBio and the Squiggle” was the title of a paper given to the annual IBIOIC conference in Glasgow recently by SPIRE Innovation Action SteamBio (EU Grant Agreement 636865). The presenters were Strathclyde Business School and the project’s Exploitation Lead, Network New Europe. It described how the initial concept had evolved during the life of the project into more valuable outcomes. When the project was initiated, the primary focus was on producing stable superheated steam torrefied biomass from agro-forestry residues. The primary applications for this solid output being feed for bioenergy and Organosolv processing.

As the project progressed from pilot into industrial scale demonstration, it was identified that the more valuable outputs were the chemicals stripped out of the biomass by the superheated steam process. Unlike traditional torrefaction techniques, these chemicals are “clean”, unadulterated by oxidative of other degradative reactions. Investigation is meanwhile still ongoing to optimise the process parameters to maximise the value of these outputs. The industrial scale demonstration unit operating at up to 150kg/hour throughput is currently deployed in Duruelo de Sierra (Soria) in rural Northern Spain.

It will be the main exhibit at the community’s annual DurueloFest (9th-10th June 2018). Visitors are welcome to both DurueloFest but also to the SteamBio demonstration at any time. Please make an appointment with Huw Parry on +44 79 4710 75 50 or