Design for Resource and Energy efficiency in cerAMic kilns

strong>Innovative hardware furnace components improving energy efficiency 

  • Cogeneration unit integration in firing stage
  • Waste heat recovery through heat exchanger
  • Emissions monitoring and abatement techniques optimisation

Substantial improvements on current hardware-software kiln parts

  • Advanced simulation tools equipped kiln control system
  • Innovative...
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STYLE Recommendations Roadmap and Ideal Toolkit Framework

STYLE focused on specific scenario: “A project team is evaluating options for a resource or energy improvement for their process or product and they need a pragmatic tool to check the broader sustainability implications of each technological solution”.

The STYLE Roadmap provides an interactive summary of the key recommendations from the project (under Uptake, Toolkit, Methodological and Data themes).

A key recommendation of STYLE was the need to develop an Ideal Toolkit for the...

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