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Optimisation, Control, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Resource Efficiency, Production Planning, Model predictive Control, New algorithms, Decission Support

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Future Directions of Production Planning and Optimized Energy- and Process Industries

FUDIPO is a project funded by the European Commission under the H2020 programme, SPIRE-02-2016 topic: “Plant-wide monitoring and control of data-intensive processes”.

To face this topic, FUDIPO will develop and test an integrated set of methods combining mathematical modelling and simulation with experiments in pilot and full-scale facilities. This will take place within a strong consortium of industries (also SMEs), the main users of the developed toolbox, suppliers (also SMEs) that will focus primarily on developing the tools and academic partners deepening the underlying theory (fundamental research) but also developing practical and robust algorithms.

The applications will be for both improvements of existing processes as well as for developments of totally new production system solutions, where experience from existing processes is gathered in the simulation models.

Increasing energy efficiency - EE21-2016