Main curren failure modes of furnace components analyzed by HIPERMAT project consoritum


The project HIPERMAT has analyzed current failure modes in furnace components supporting high temperatures in open air atmospheres, reaching up to 930ºC. The results show that refractory stainless steels are susceptible mainly to creep and wear mechanisms at these temperatures and less to corrosion. The mechanism is significative different between beams in the inside of the furnace supporting continuous temperature conditions and those in the entrance subjected to temperature heating and cooling cycles and thus to thermal fatigue. The project envisions to give different solutions based on the geometry of the components and the main failure mode affecting to the reference alloy

furnaces, materials, metallic components, metals, performance, heat, corrosion
Advanced design, monitoring, development and validation of novel HIgh PERformance MATerials and components.
Novel high performance materials and components - LC SPIRE 08 2020