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This new (beta) section of the SPIRE website allows you to browse and search through Outputs from projects across the SPIRE portfolio. Beyond just information on the main exploitable technologies and innovations, projects are also encouraged to use this framework to share other resources that could be of use to SPIRE stakeholders and other projects, such as education and training materials, links to published papers, demonstration photos, technology reviews, etc. Guidance for Creating SPIRE Project Output Summaries is available here




DREAM Technology Case Study: Innovative Refractory Materials

Reflective coating has been developed for reducing the heat loss through the walls of ceramic roller kilns for tile manufacturing. The coating composition contains aluminum oxide that gives IR-reflective properties to the coating. The main aim of the coating is to save energy by lowering the radiative heat transfer from the kiln to the surface of the refractory lined walls and, as consequence, to reduce heat loss through the kiln walls.
The coating has been developed for the...

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Published Article: How to Improve Impact Reporting for Sustainability

Abstract: Measuring real-world impact is vital for demonstrating the success of a project and one of the most direct ways to justify taxpayers’ contributions towards public funding. Impact reporting should identify and examine the potential positive and negative consequences of the continuing operations of a proposed project and suggest strategies to expand, further develop, mitigate, avoid or offset them. Designing a tool or methodology that will capture the impact of collaborative...

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STYLE Recommendations Roadmap

STYLE focused on specific scenario: “A project team is evaluating options for a resource or energy improvement for their process or product and they need a pragmatic tool to check the broader sustainability implications of each technological solution”.

The STYLE Roadmap provides an interactive summary of the key recommendations from the project (under Uptake, Toolkit, Methodological and Data themes).

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