From Collaborative Projects to Education and Training Resources - Outputs

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Tuesday, 8 May, 2018

SPRING Education and Training Workshop Outputs

In order to achieve H2020:SPIRE goals of making the EU process industries more sustainable, it is vital that the current and future workforces can learn about the innovative technologies and approaches being developed in collaborative projects.

Inside every SPIRE project is a wealth of valuable learning that could be used to educate and train those in industry and higher education, but we currently lack the structures and guidance to enable this learning to reach its maximum impact. The SPRING Project is tasked with developing a framework and guidance to address this challenge, hence this workshop brought together expertise from academia and industry to:

- Explore innovative approaches for taking learning from collaborative projects into academic and lifelong-learning courses

- Establish what formats and structures of training work well for different EU countries, institutions and levels of learning

- Explore key learning themes from SPIRE projects


Specifically, for this workshop, our discussions were split around two challenges:

  1. What should the framework look like for making resources from SPIRE collaborative projects more accessible and useful to education and training providers?
  2. What guidance should be given to SPIRE projects to get education more integrated into the research, getting more students (or others in education) more involved in collaborative projects to learn whilst the project is ‘live’
The Outputs and Recommendations report, attached below, covers preliminary views and conclusions on the challenges based on the discussions held at the workshop on 19th April 2018 in Lausanne. Further development of these recommendations will be continued in Project SPRING. Additional views on the topics can be sent to Amy Peace.


Education and Training Workshop - Outputs and Recommendations Report

Workshop Presentations:

Workshop overview presentation (including Educate to Innovate and Britest KUDOS slides)

SPIRE presentation

UCL Connected Curriculum presentation

EIT RawMaterials presentation